Cash Prizes

What Diet is sponsoring a 30 day Weight loss Challenge. The registration fee is $5 plus the purchase of V3 Weight Management Complex, a revolutionary weight loss pill, for a discounted rate of $65. At the end of 30 days with the use of the product the winner with the most weight loss, testimonials, and a posted before and after picture will win a cash prize from What Diet. 
If you know anyone who is interested in making some money to loss weight, or anyone who likes a challenge please share this with them.  The more who join the challenge the higher the payout.  Payout will start at $100 and will be paid via PayPal.  The winner will be announced on September 5, 2011 via blog post here on What's Your Diet.

You must complete the form on the sign up page to enter along with the following: 
  1. You must purchase your V3 from What's Your Diet to receive the discount, however purchases through will be allowed.
  2. You must sign up with an account with and join the V3 30 day Challenge under the Challenges tab, and follow the rules listed there. (This Challenge is Officially Open to join)
  3. You must post a testimonial in the comment section on What Diet before the end of the 30 day challenge. Only one post per day will be allowed.  Posting more than one testimonial per day, will constitute automatic disqualification. Negative comments will constitute disqualification.

Simply complete the form on the sign up page to participate. Use the paypal button above to complete your registration fee and purchase of V3 Weight Management Complex. The product will be mailed out to you upon confirmation of receipt of your payment via PayPal.

The contest will run September 1st - 30th. This gives all participants enough time to get their bottles of V3. Go to www.squidoo.​com/whatsyourdiet for product information or
call (219) 392-9054 for more info.

*Distributors of V3 cannot participate in this contest. Contest will not be valid unless there are at least 10 participants.

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