What's In V3

  • Incredible Blend of Natural Compounds
  • Vitamins, Minerals, Kelp, Coral, Oil of Geranium,
  • Dark Cocoa Powder, and More
  • Proprietary V3 Blend
  • No More Dieters Grumpiness
  • No More Sluggishness
  • No More Hunger Pangs
  • No More Cravings
  • You Eat Less and Want to Move More
  • V3 Gives You More Energy and Focus
  • V3 Brightens Your Mood
  • V3 Gives You Control Over Food
  • V3 Helps to Increase Metabolism
  • V3 is Safe, Fast and Effective
  • No Jitters or Nervousness
  • No Adverse Side Effects
  • No Prescription Required
  • See Label Below for Ingredients

Dark Rich Cocoa Powder

Cocoa is nature's number one weight loss and energy boosting tool. Raw cocoa supports supports heart function and contains the highest concentration of antioxidants of any food in the world! It contains a great deal of trace minerals, including zinc, copper and Vitamin C. It is the number one source of Magnesium, incredibly high Iron content, helps balance blood sugar and oxygenates the blood. Cocoa also produces Serotonin, which helps us feel good.


Kelp is a type of green seaweed that is called a “miracle plant” by some health advocates. This is because it is full of natural occurring health benefits that make it a great food to add to any diet. Kelp is known to give the body boosts of energy. This is because it helps to increase the metabolic processes in the body. Kelp is seen to help reduce inflammation in joints and bones. This helps to especially alleviate pain in people suffering from arthritis. Kelp is high in natural iodine. This helps to promote a healthy thyroid. Kelp contains lignans, which are phytochemicals found in sea vegetables. Kelp is high in magnesium. This helps to promote better sleep in women who are going through menopause. Kelp is one of nature’s best natural healers that when consistently taken, assists in the achievement of optimum health.  Kelp is key to V3. In the development of V3, the amount of kelp included in the formula was increased, positioning V3 at optimum effectiveness.

Geranium Oil
Geranium essential oil has been used effectively to fight coughs, colds, acne, rashes, dandruff and cracked skin - externally and internally. Geranium oil is also seen to be effective in a variety of gynecological diseases. It helps regulate the exchange of fluids and blood circulation, reduces depression and anxiety states. It's often referred to as the "happy flower." For sufficiently long-term use it can also help normalize blood pressure. Geranium oil comes from the geranium plant, which is an aromatic flowering plant. In most cases, oil is extracted from the leaves and stems, although many supplement companies will use the flower as well so that the pleasant smell is included. Geranium oil extracts are often used in spas, beauty salons and with health practitioners and massage therapists. 
Vitamin B6
A recent study found that those test subjects with the highest blood levels of vitamin B6 reduced lung cancer risk by 56 percent. Vitamin B6 is involved in a variety of metabolic functions, including the production of red blood cells and immune system cells. It helps control blood levels of the potentially dangerous amino acid, homo cysteine, which is associated with heart disease. B6 also helps the body manufacture several neurotransmitters and hormones that regulate mood and cognition.