Monday, June 27, 2011

Disappearing Acts

I can't believe it. After the many years of my voluptuousness I have decided to shed the pounds. Problem is, I just don't have the time to work out like I did when I was younger. Working full time, maintaining a household and taking care of a husband and two growing boys, a sista be tired yall.

In spite of all that, I have come to terms that I am getting older and it's time for me to be more in tune with my body. So one day I am talking to my best friend Tomika about starting a diet. She was just going on about how she has been seeing this weight loss doctor trying to lose weight herself. I kept telling myself that I was going to pay this doctor a visit but just could not find the time to get there.

Well, Tomika calls me up one day and says, you know I don't use those supplements that doctor told me to take. She was given a supplement to take three times a day, but she claimed to have found a product that was like no other. Unfortunately she was not at liberty to tell me what it was at the time. I just blew it off and didn't think anything else of it; until I saw her.

We work for the same company so she paid me a visit after a meeting.  I could not believe my own eyes, my friend was disappearing. Within a matter of just a few weeks she had dropped at least a size. I was in shock, she put a small package in my hand and said try this. It's an all natural diet pill made by a company that's in pre-launch. She continues and says, this pill has worked so well for me I decided to become a distributer.  Call me in an hour and tell me how you feel, gotta go.

Being the skeptic and realist that I am, I didn't take the pill. It sat in my purse looking me looking at it. Another day went by as that pill sat in my purse looking at me looking at it.  Why oh why can I not take this pill? Yet it was calling me. Now I wish I had done it. She looks absolutely great and has reached her goal, looking like she did in high school.  Dang.

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