Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I did It!

Why is it so hard to do something even when everyone else is doing it?  I sometime wonder is that what sets me apart from everyone else.  Is that truly my purpose, to be different than everyone else?  Or is that I'm afraid of change or afraid to change?  My motto has always been "If you are not 100% sure then don't do it".  I stand by that statement in everything I do, even at my 9 to 5.  

I work in the mental health business doing medical billing. It’s one of those jobs that if you mess up, you go to jail.  There is no such thing as telling the judge, “oh that’s the law, well I didn’t know that.  I did what my employer told me to do.” Oh no, if you make a wrong step you are going down my friend. My boss would get so upset with me because she knew if I said I wasn’t going to do something, I damn well meant it. "Why do yo have to question everything", she would always ask.

For a while everyone at work has been trying to get me to join Weight Watchers.  Our company is generous enough to pay for half of the fees to sign up.  To me it's their way of saying, you better not get sick, but that's just me.  Anyways, more than half my department has signed up.  Everybody is all motivated to shed the pounds.  They look forward to Wednesdays which is weigh-in day.

Now I've been trying to lose weight for some time now and it seemed nothing I tried was working.  I’ve tried drinking different diet drinks to speed up my metabolism like apple cider vinegar and honey.  I’ve tried drinking more green tea in place of coffee.  {Weeping} So I gave up “booty spreaders” like eating ice cream and cake.  That was so hard. Oh man, cake is so my weakness.  I would bake a cake every other week. I gave of donuts at the office, McDonald's for lunch and (sobbing) Popeye’s chicken…… I gave up the bird….too.

I said enough is enough.  I have to do something.  I have recently been diagnosed with arthritis not to mention that diabetes and hypertension runs in my family. You hear about things like this when you are young, but you never take it to heart.  You don’t think about how much of that ice cream and chicken is still lining the inside of your arteries.
So I did it. I did it, I did it, I did it.  I stopped looking at the pill looking at me looking at it, as it sat taunting me from the inside of my purse.  Laughing at me, telling me I’m not strong enough to reach my goal.  In the long run the pill was right.  With my busy life I could use some help, so I did it.  I toke that free sample, I busted it open, stuck my tongue out at it and said nah nah, you can’t taunt me anymore and I toke that pill with pride and joy.

However that pride and joy was quickly replaced by something else after a short while.  I was beginning to feel something inside of me.  Not like a buzz but not quite a tingle either.  As the day progressed I began to like the feeling. The feeling like I could do anything.  I went to work feeling great. I was in a fantastic mood, which is interesting because I am not a morning person at all.  I’m the person you say “dang, you mad at breakfast”.  Yet I felt great all of a sudden.

In medical billing, especially working in claims follow up, there is a lot of thinking involved.  But this day, I was flying through my paperwork like a genius.  Piles of work that had been on my desk for weeks were processed, followed up on, and completed in one day.  Wow, is all I could say to myself.  I felt like Super biller, I just needed my cape.  I really like these pills.

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