Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Today was a good day.

Seeing how I don't have my topic prepared for today's post, I thought I would just tell you all about my day.  If you haven't noticed, my goal is to make a post every other day.  I take one day to prepare my topic and post it the next day.  I don't have my topic prepared for today, because I have been hitting the pavement hard promoting my new business.

If you haven't heard, I am a Independent Associate for Voyager Health Technologies; the makers of my new favorite diet pill V3.  This diet pill is all natural, and I love it.  The pill suppresses your appetite, increases your energy level and improves your mood.  It also helps to detoxify the body, promoting a healthy digestive track, and can help prevent tumor growth in the body.  If you are interested in trying this product you can call me at (219)392-9054 or visit my website here

So back to my day.  My day started off with a sweet kiss on the check from my husband as he left for work today.  People keep telling me that this will fade away, but he never misses the opportunity to lay one on me.  Shortly after that, I got up to get my day started.  One of the biggest issues I have with getting ready in the morning is my hair.  My hair is all natural, so just like plants, how my hair looks in the morning all depends on the weather.  Well luckily the weather was on my side today, and my twist-out Afro puff was rocking today. I toke my V3, just before leaving out with a full glass of water, and off to work.

Now I have a long highway commute to work everyday, however the traffic was on my side today.  I made to work about 15 minutes earlier than normal, which afforded me some time to get my chat on before my shift.  Usually my first stop in the morning is my friend Amanda's desk.  I was so excited about getting my free samples today, I just bee-lined it to her and gave her one.  Now Amanda used to have this thing with caffeine pills, so I was sure that she would like the V3.  Well I was right, while should couldn't get the full effect, because she had already taken a caffeine pill, she still liked the product.  

So feeling good that I may have her as a potential customer, I let her get to work and started my shift.  We had an early meeting about some changes within the company and I was rather impressed.  I was expecting to hear the absolute worst, due to the fact that the upper management staff was all demoted.  However, the information shared was actually inspiring, for the first time of my 2 years with this company.  I've always been that employee that is just not happy with the company no matter what they do, because I see the imperfections and don't see them being addressed.

Lunch was absolutely wonderful.  I had cream of broccoli soup with fresh baked bread, the bomb.  Due to one of my co-workers leaving the company and joined him in a piece of cake, otherwise SAY NO TO BOOTY SPREADERS.  Told him good luck and that I would keep him in my prayers.  He is moving down south for some very personal reasons, so I wish him all the best. I was so happy that the afternoon went by as fast as it did, because I could not wait to get out to promote V3 during my evening walk in the park.

Man, oh man, was the park awesome.  Prior to getting there I printed out some generic fliers offering the business opportunity with my website listed on the back. Then printed off some product information for my cousin who is interested in trying the product.  So off I go towards IL to drop of a free sample and product information to my cousin.  I knew she would not be home, but this product speaks for itself, so I just left everything in her mailbox, so she can try it first thing in the morning.

So back towards home I go, me and my two boys.  They like to play basketball while I get my workout in.  So out the car with my fliers in hand, I start up my Cardio Trainer ( app review soon to come), and we're walking.  Today was really a good day because there were plenty of prospect in the park today.  So as I'm walking I pass out a few fliers to people as they rode their bikes, or sat on park benches while watching their children play.  With no one on the path for a while I pick up speed.

Well, low and behold, a lady is racing after me on a bike, "Excuse me miss".  She had questions about the product, and ding their was my second prospect for the day.  I told her all about V3 and the Voyager Health Technologies business opportunity and she was all over it.  She walked with me back to my car, and I happily gave her a free sample.  She said she's in the park quite often, so I told her I'd catch up to her tomorrow to see how she liked it.  I made sure she was aware of my number on the flier as well as the website information.

She rode away with a big huge smile on her face.  I pass out a few more fliers and run into a lady born and raise in Africa.  She explained that she was a hair stylist studying to get her CNA license.  She was so drawn to me and about the information about the product she walked with me while pushing her baby until I finished my workout.  So you know I got her number locked in my phone right.  I walked over a mile with her trying to build of that likability factor so that she would fell comfortable going into business with me.  By the way, gave her a sample to try as well.  Now she was a little skeptical, so I gave her some detailed product information too.

All in all, today was indeed a good day.  Why you may ask?  Because I reached my personal goal of giving out two free samples to perfect strangers today.  I don't get out much because I'm so busy with my family and church.  So I was bit concerned about marketing this product to it's fullest potential.  I'm so proud of myself.  I haven't been this focused about my business since I did customer service work from home.  I am enjoying myself so much, because I am pushing myself to the limit.  And I love a good challenge.

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