Friday, July 8, 2011

Try the V3 Challenge

Are you trying the V3 Challenge?  If not I dare you to V3 it up with me.  I've seen so many testimonies and pictures of those who have shed so many pounds just from taking on this challenge.  Why do I call this a challenge?  Well, it's one thing to say I'm going to try that, and it's another things to actually do.  Do I market this product? Yes.  Do I honestly believe in this product? Yes  Do I partake in the V3 Challenge? YES!!!!

Seriously people, take a look around, next time you go to the mall or to the grocery store.  Can you count how many people you see who are overweight.  You'd probably lose count as you shop.  However, I bet you can remember in detail about that slim person you saw.  What they had on and what stores they were shopping in.  If you are overweight, I'm sure you have said to yourself..."I really like the clothes in that store, but they don't carry my size."

I recently celebrated my first wedding anniversary.  My husband and I were having a wonderful time, hanging out in Grand Rapids, MI.  We decided to go swimming and my husband did not have a pair of swimming trunks, so we stopped at the local Marshall's to pick up one.  While my husband looked around, I went to the woman's section and low and behold I could not believe it.  This Marshall's had virtually no plus plus size section.  See here in the Chicagoland area, stores like Marshall's has sizes that go all the way up to a 26.  Uh, uh, not this Marshall's, they only went up to a size 18.  I was so disappointed

It's time to stop being ashamed of our weight and actually do something about it.  So I dare you to take the challenge with me.  I dare you to take one V3 pill per day and see if you will have the energy to get off that couch, chair or bed and replace that with some activity.  I dare you to deny the weight loss you will achieve with just one pill a day.  I dare you to say that one pill a day didn't keep you from chewing a hole through the refrigerator. 

If you are ready to take this challenge with me, then please contact me.  I will be more than happy to send your a sample to try before your buy. 

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